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Federal Government

Our staff has experience serving the Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S. military, the Council on Environmental Quality, and other federal agencies. We've established and maintained long-term relationships with government leaders to ensure the best service for our Nation and our clients.

Land Use and Development

Our expert consultants assist developers in streamlining the permit process while ensuring the requisite laws, regulations and national standards are met. They use the best available scientific information to local citizens and tribal members to develop approaches that can protect the environment while moving their economic opportunity forward.

Oil and Gas Industry

ONES' consultants will use the NEPA process as it was intended: to help make better decisions, not create more paperwork. We can assist clients in securing the necessary permits for oil and gas production. Our staff has extensive experience in the oil and gas industry, from project management and quality assurance to inspection and construction of oil and gas facilities.

Tribal Governments

We lead and guide tribal government clients to ensure economic development projects are environmentally sound, so the land is protected − from the time the first shovel full of dirt is turned through the construction process. Even after the last concrete is poured, we can continue to monitor and adapt projects to changing conditions.


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