Working for Osage Nation Environmental Solutions (ONES) offers an exciting opportunity to play a part in the Nation’s rich history of environmental stewardship.  Join a team of environmental protection experts focused on streamlining the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process and helping our clients in the energy and infrastructure sectors use NEPA to make decisions, not check a box.  These experts include scientists, planners, analysts  and other personnel who have worked for and with a variety of federal agencies, and have a deep familiarity with the Council on Environmental Quality, its regulations and the studies and reports prepared by CEQ.

When you join ONES, you will become part of a company that earns the revenue needed for investments in Osage Nation social programs. Moreover, ONES is dedicated to working at the intersection of economic development and environmental sustainability across the United States.  You'll also help the Osage Nation diversify its sources of income and reduce its reliance on gaming and federal grants.

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