Osage Nation Environmental Solutions has built a technical team uniting some of the foremost NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act) experts in the country.

They bring decades of experience working for and on behalf of numerous federal agencies. This includes the Council on Environmental Quality, which oversees the implementation of NEPA for all federal agencies. 

The technical team includes industry experts, former government personnel, scientists and planners with advanced expertise in developing NEPA regulations, policies, compliance strategies, and analyses at the highest levels of government.

The interdisciplinary ONES' team is composed of a strong partnership of socio-economically and geographically diverse experts who have achieved national recognition in their fields.


Board Members

Eddy Red Eagle Jr.
Board Chair/Business Development

After earning his bachelor's degree in business administration, Eddy spent his career at CITGO Petroleum Corporation in Tulsa, holding positions in finance, accounting and supply/product logistics. He also was the Regional Senior Supply Coordinator for the southwest region.

After retirement, Eddy continues to actively serve the Osage people and community, serving on various boards related to economic development. He also worked for six years as a legislator for the Osage Nation Congress.

As a full-blood member of the Osage Nation, he is very active in cultural and traditional customs.

He is a speaker of the Osage language and was instrumental in the establishment of the Osage Cultural Center. He resides in Barnsdall on his family’s original allotment with his wife, Mattie.


C.E. “Chuck” Hessert
Board Vice Chair

Chuck retired from ConocoPhillips in 2004 with more than 30 years of experience in project management and quality assurance in manufacturing and materials engineering, as well as inspection and construction of oil and gas drilling, refining and chemical plants. During his career, he handled all phases of new construction and worked on a variety of projects in 38 countries. He is Certified Level II by the Society for Nondestructive Testing in radiography, magnetic particle testing, liquid penetrant testing, and ultrasound testing. He has a bachelor of science in education, a degree in industrial arts metals and manufacturing, and was a school teacher at the beginning of his career.

Chuck is a direct descendant of two original Osage allottees, George Michelle, his great-grandfather, and Della Hessert, his grandmother. He owns and operates the WAH-TSA-MOIE Angus Ranch and Hessert LOC Inc., an independent oil and gas company.


Randy Standridge
Board Secretary/Treasurer

Randy retired from ConocoPhillips in 2010 after a 31-year career. His area of expertise includes procurement and warehousing operations for upstream and downstream energy organizations. He has extensive experience in contracts and negotiations. In 1996, he was asked to represent the downstream organizations on the prototype development for the Materials Management module of the SAP business system that Phillips Petroleum Company began implementing worldwide. He then worked as a project manager for various SAP projects around the globe, including implementations for 15 ConocoPhillips refineries. 

Randy, who is Cherokee, has a bachelor's degree in business management and a Master of Business Administration.


Anthony Webb
Board Member

Anthony has more than 28 years of work experience, including 14 years in the manufacturing and fluid power industries. He also has14 years in petroleum-related industries, including pipeline construction, oil  and gas well completion, and natural gas plant processing. 

He is currently responsible for the operations and management of the Grayhorse Gas Plant in Osage County, Oklahoma.

Anthony has a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering technology. He currently resides with his wife, Kimberly Ponca, on their original family allotment land west of Fairfax.


Executive Staff and Advisors

David Conrad
President and Executive Director

David Conrad is the President and Executive Director of ONES. He provides counsel on energy, environmental, cultural and natural resource management policy and administration. David has more than 25 years of experience in environmental policy and planning, as well as federal and tribal relations. David has an M.S. in Environmental Science and Policy. An enrolled tribal member, David oversees the success of partnerships between ONES and our clients.


Jacque Jones
Vice President/Chief Operations Officer

Jacque Jones is the Vice President/Chief Operations Officer and the Project Controls Manager for ONES. She serves as the program administrator for our client projects. Jacque has over 14 years of work experience that includes personnel management and training; policy and procedure development; large-scale change in tribal government; federal compacting; and federal contracting administration. Jacque is also an enrolled tribal member.


Cheyenne Herren
Executive Admin. Assistant

Cheyenne supports the company’s Chairman of the Board, Board Members, President, and Director of Operations.

An essential member of the team, she provides more than general administrative support. Cheyenne also monitors the budget, maintains public relation's lists, and creates presentations and reports for the Chair and other board members. Cheyenne is also an enrolled tribal member.



Paul Yates

Paul Yates has worked with tribal entities for more than 36 years to provide solutions for highly complex petroleum and environmental engineering issues. He previously served as the Superintendent of the Miami, OK, Bureau of Indian Affairs, where he oversaw U.S. government business on the Miami reservation. An enrolled tribal member, Paul provides technical support and BIA advisory support for client projects.


Ray Clark

Ray Clark is a senior advisor with a national reputation for helping clients streamline the approach to environmental analyses, permitting, public engagement, tribal consultation and legislative positioning. His focus is combining economic development and environmental conservation.

During his career, Ray was responsible for all U.S. Army facilities worldwide. He also was the steward of more than 14 million acres as the Assistant Secretary of the Army (acting) and the Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army (Installations and Environment). Prior to his appointment to this position, Ray was an associate director at the White House Council of Environmental Quality, where he was an advisor to the President and senior White House staff, as well as the chairman of CEQ.

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