United States Environmental Protection Agency

We provide environmental consulting and remediation services ensuring requisite laws, regulations, & national standards are being met. This includes work to protect Americans & tribal members from significant environmental & human health risks based on the best available scientific information.

United States Department of Energy

We offer a complete range of remediation solutions along with hazardous & radioactive waste management, energy audits, and energy reduction programs. These servicesare designed to meet energy, environmental, and nuclear challenges.

United States Army Corps of Engineers

We provide remediation & engineering services designed to advance military construction and nuclear facility operations. This includes engineering (environmental, civil, mechanical, chemical, and nuclear) in support of federal government projects. We’re uniquely qualified to help ensure our nation’s toughest challenges are met while energizing the economy and reducing risk from disaster. All of this is accomplished with environmental sustainability as our guiding principle.

United States Department of Interior, Indian Affairs

We deliver valuable workforce development initiatives & economic opportunities that benefit tribal members. As a result of our activity in the local community, future income-producing business enterprises may also be introduced & expanded. Beyond this, we provide the capital necessary to invest in tribal social programs that promote spiritual, mental, physical, and cultural educational opportunities.